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1) A mountain located in Oahu, Hawaii
2) A unisex Hawaiian name that literally every mainlander will mispronounce at first and will never be written correctly on your cup at Starbucks. Ka'ala's are hot as fuck and are some of the best people you'll ever meet.
Ex 1: Me and Kaika are gonna go hike Ka'ala tomorrow
Ex 2: Damn bro, have you seen Ka'ala today? She's looking sexy as fuck. I fucking love Ka'ala.
by ZYXWTF June 22, 2015
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Kaala is a word to describe black people, not offensive jus means black.But it sounds good. Kaala is masculine n kaali is feminine
Fuk me bro's check out tht kaala.
Fuk me bro's check out the ass on tht kaali.
by Qaiser Khan March 30, 2005
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Kaala is a boss ass bitch that doesn't give a fuck what you say. They are awesome and have a nice ass. People named Victor especially love them
Victor: Kaala is so hot
Friend: I know right?
Victor: I'm gonna ask her out.
Friend: Yeah dude!!!
by Ms. UnicornCat November 17, 2016
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A bitter hallucinogenic blue fairy that hangs out in Vinta's realm with the Seekers
Opal Maurelle Galadeth (aka O.M.G.), created by Ka'ala
by grandpoohbah February 18, 2010
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