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AKA 106.5

the most listened to rock/alt. radio station in the sacramento area.KWOD promoted local sacramento bands like papa roach, MC RUT, Deftones, ect. it

it always gave the 411 about local shows going in sacramento.

they had an hr dedicated to telling you the history of black flag,the clash, bad brains, ect.

KWOD in no more. it ended in 2009

now 106.5 is a 90's radio station that plays bad country, rock, and R&B
dave: what the??? why is kwod playing shity music?

mike: uhh... kwod doesn't air anymore

dave: WTF???
by traveler 2.0 July 04, 2009
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KWOD 106.5, the best radiostation in the sacto area..
KWOD 106.5..we're getting back to our alternative roots
by mr_glock May 12, 2004
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KWOD 106.5FM is a Sacramento, CA, USA, radio station that was one of the highest-rated major-market alternative rock stations in the United States in the mid-'90s, according to Arbitron ratings. From 1977 to 2003, KWOD was independently-owned by "Royce International Broadcasting", headed by Edward R. Stolz III, and the result was a fresh and original radio experience. It started out as a jazz station, but evolved into a contemporary hit station by the end of the '70s. Its call letters referred to quadrophonic sound, as the station was one of the first to experiment with the technology, which never caught on.

At times, KWOD was among the top five rated stations in Sacramento during the '80s under the programming of Tom Chase and "Mr. Ed" Lambert. In 1991, the station remained a top 40 reporter to radio industry trade magazines, but began to mix in alternative music under the programming of Gerry Cagle and Alex Cosper. Cagle had also programmed notable stations around the country, such as KHJ in Los Angeles, and KFRC in San Francisco. Cosper had worked as Mr. Ed's assistant in the '80s, and at rival Top 40 station, KROY.

After Cagle's departure in 1993, programming decisions went to Cosper, who convinced Stolz to shift the format entirely to alternative music. He also hired the morning team of Shawn Cash and Jeff Jensen. The result was that the station rebounded from the bottom of the ratings to the top five again. Cosper remained with the station until 1996, and later wrote an in depth book about his experience called, "The Rise of Alternative Radio."

Ron Bunce assumed control of programming in 1997, and took the station to an edgier harder rock direction. At times, the station was competitive with rival Rocker, KRXQ. The new sound was accompanied by new voices, such as Boomer and the Dave, in the morning, Andy Sims middays, and the return of night jock, Nick Monroe.

In 2003, Entercom acquired KWOD after a seven-year court battle, stemming from an apparent deal to sell the station, back in 1996. Entercom also owned rival KRXQ. In March 2005, KWOD dropped all the hard rock and nu-metal on the playlist, calling itself, "KWOD Version 2.0 -- Radio Without Rules." KWOD remained an alternative station with an adult lean. KWOD's musical position was modeled after Entercom dropped the hard rock and nu-metal on all Entercom alternative stations, including KNDD Seattle, KNRK Portland and KRBZ Kansas City. However, after KHWD flipped to adult hits "Jack FM" (KQJK) in October 2005, KWOD returned to their active rock-leaning position before KWOD Version 2.0. Although KWOD's ratings fell off in the early 2000s, its highest ratings as an alternative station were in 1995. Its highest rating ever, though, was as a top 40 station in 1985, when it hit the No. 2 spot in the market, behind KSFM.

In early 2006, KWOD picked up the Adam Carolla show for mornings. KWOD's current weekday DJ line up is as follows: 5-10am - The Adam Carolla Show, 10am - 3pm - Hill Jordan, 3pm - 7pm - Rubin, 7pm - Midnight - Erin.

Weekend air staff includes Capone, Derek, and Kim Iverson. KWOD's voice guy is Mason and the station is imaged by Chadd Pierce.
WTF are you listening to, 98 Rock, you need to listen to KWOD 106.5
by co678 July 10, 2006
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