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A scottish folk singer/songwriter who released her debut album 'eye to the telescope' in february of 2005. She is a rising new talent in the area of singer/songwriting and her album has already sold over a million copies. Brilliant album. She's also a great live act. Talks to the crowd a hell of alot about random stuff.
Throw Me A Rope is a kick ass song.

"Hey man have you seen of KT Tunstall?"
"Yeah, she's pretty hot."
"You Knows it!"
by Sceptile_Master July 21, 2006
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(verb)- To holler "woohoo" while busting
I had to kick that bitch out; he Kt Tunstalled in my vag.
by 3HB January 06, 2007
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A famous girl who is a rising folk singer and is actual Chinese but was adopted by Scottish people. Currently has one album out Eye to the Telescope.
KT Tunstall is an awesome folk singer.
by Schoolgirl November 05, 2006
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A lousy, pretentious, untalented, snaggle-toothed, functionally retarded singer whose horrible song " big black horse and a cherry tree"(woo-hoo) is played twice an hour on all the crappy teeny-bop fm stations. Further proving that american pop music is crap, and you will never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator.
I will go back in time and smack K.T. Tunstall's parent's for encouraging
her the first time she tried to sing, dance or play guitar!
by DJ D-rail July 26, 2006
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