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KS: Kill steal= the act of killing a monster weakened by another player and recieve his/her rightful EXP.
KSOWN: the outcome of the Ksing, it is only said when the person who was being ksed flees from irritation. Usally used when the player being ksed has done something that aggrivated the other. (Example: a Kser being Ksed, a hacker being Ksed, a scammer being Ksed, a bully being ksed, an annoying player being ksed).
<Rumbl3> *kses someone* muahah this is my area now!
<King> Get off this map, nobody wants someone like you.
<Rumbl3> Make me =/.
- After 15 minutes of ksing Rumbl3 -
<Rumbl3> *quits game*
<King> Hahaha! I KSOWNED YOU!
<Newb> Nice Ksowning dude, now the world can live in harmony.
by Dx619 February 15, 2008
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