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An abbreviation for かそく, (kasoku) which is Japanese slang used frequently on Nico Nico Douga meaning "hurry up."
うp ksk!
by ryurich September 08, 2010
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Kommando Spezielkrafte

Almost a successor to the GSG9, the KSK are Germany's elite commando unit that take on international missions.
"KSK, not KKK."
by Dave September 10, 2004
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(Kossuth Street Killas) An organization that is out to kill everyone and everything. Founded on Kossuth Street. Members often chug 700 proof Swizz Juice and bust up chips.
"While you're playin duck duck goose
I'm chuggin' Swizz Juice
Drinking 94 proof with the youth at Kossuth"

"They call me The Truth from Kossuth
no excuse, now its 700 proof!"

"Yo, there is a KSK over there! Get the fuck outta here!"
by The Truth! February 09, 2005
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