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Usually a young boy and often posing as an adult, a KOBE RIDER is a 'person' that will defend KOBE to no end, infatuated and engrossed in a pathetic world surrounding KOBE "the QUITTER" BRYANT. They will defend him against any attack by another fan, stomp on anyone that notes his flaws, and will belittle other NBA players while making ridiculous claims without stating any facts to support these claims. In addition, what really separates a KOBE RIDER from the common fan is the skewed logic and complete lack of common sense. Essentially, a KOBE RIDER is a person of the highest point of ignorance and stupidity.... one who is willing to do absolutely anything and everything to glorify the player he believes in, while blindly ignoring the facts and opinions of others.
COMMON FAN: Son, Shaq was the leader during the Lakers' 3peat. He was the main man, nothing to be ashamed of.

KOBE RIDER: Where was fat, useless Shaq during game 4 of the 2000 NBA FInals? Oh that's right, he fouled out in overtime and KOBE had to bail that selfish ogre out.

COMMON FAN: Please kid, KOBE hasn't even won an MVP yet. He has lead the league in scoring only 1 time and this is his specialty. KOBE is a great player, but he has a long way to go before ranking amongst the all-time greats and nearing anything close to Jordan status.

KOBE RIDER: Did Jordumb ever score 81 points? 63 in 3 quarters? Owned.
by McRick_ September 13, 2006
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