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I kingdom hearts forum with videos from said games. The majoirty of the staff have issues and most of the members are noobs. The few mature members have either become inactive, become trolls, or have just faded from spot light. They are known for thier pointless e-drama in the kingdom hearts community concerning such things as unbanning permanently banned members, trying to take over the site and convert it into a dictatorship, pop-punk fans insulting hip-hop music and culture, and pointless personal arguments caused by the stunts of /b/tards who pretty much run the place.
CockgoezHea69: Hey, the mods should unban Mr.Bubbles000 cuz KH-Vids is nuthing without him

Noobs: Sure why not

/b/tards: Yami Flood
by Who do you think it is, KHV? January 01, 2009
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