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'K4's are very small, yellow, easily crushed pills that contain 4 milligrams of hydromorphone under the brand name DILAUDID. They are very valuable because the pills do not contain any crap, binder, or harmful filler ingredients. Everything in the pill is safe to inject directly into your veins. A crushed pill will even dissolve in cold water! Dilaudids allow uniquly fast and easy prep for injection. Despite the cost ~$20 each; this drug is extremly popular.
Dilaudid smack OxyContin endo Lortab hydro MDMA MORPHINE Methadone Xanax Soma eNod OP8 OPM THC Roxy fentanyl China White poppy ld50 EtOH 714 Tussionex
"Oh shit! The Mexicans are out of smack. We better get our asses to the projects and score some K4s"
"Well,..OK. Deal. One free rig for each K4 you buy"
"You think K4s are expensive now. 15 years ago they went for $40 a pop. No lie."
"Everybody told me not to, but I shot A K4 once. It was 11:30PM Dec. 1999. I mean the millennium only gonna come once. It was worth it. I didn't get hooked."
by Sublimaze September 06, 2007
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K4 is derived from the late 90's and is applied to someone whos left and right testicle hang lower/higher than the other.
MAN 1: Dude, I have this problem.
MAN 2: What is it?
MAN 1: One of my nuts hangs lower than the other, do I have a disease?
MAN 2: No, you just have K4.
by That dude69 July 08, 2009
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Thanks for nothing! K-4 is shorthand for the Thai phrase "kawp koon kee krahp" (man speaking) or "kawp koon kee kah" (female speaking). Both phrases literally mean "thank you for shit".
K-4, man! I told you to get her some nice flowers for her birthday and what happened? You wasted time with your BS and waited till the florist closed!
by pentozali September 07, 2007
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