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A person who does the Techno smack. A person who is addicted to Ketamine, and would do anything for it. A person who does gram lines of it up their noses, and it doesnt affect them. A person whose nose has become intolerant to letting the K up there. A person who spits constantly. A KHole addict. Genarally consumed in a squat. Basically, these people are addicted to the fun and games of lying around on their arses doing nothing but Regretamine. Thats the life to have :D.
'Ketamine isnt just for horses you know!'
'I'd kill for a line of K right now'
'If you give me a line of K, ill fuck you'
'Shit, it wont go up!'
'Biggin up the Bristol massave.'
'Im a fuckin k-head, ya gets me? ill kill ya'
by Jazminx February 05, 2007
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some one that sniffs loads of kettamine
a k-head is someone in a club with a white, crusty ring around there nose, lookin lost, or dancing 2 sum dodgey techno beat
by wonkey1 August 15, 2008
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