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This AMAZING girl! If you meet her, you will never wanna leave her! She's beautiful, pretty, smart,nice, and the kind of girl that catches every guys eye! She's the kinda girl that lights up your whole world🌎Her amazing blue eyes Are brighter and more beautiful then anything u have every saw👀 She's the kind of girl that on the long trip home , she's all u think about💭 Shes the type of girl that if u see her, u will instantly be attached to her! She's this type of girl that leaves you with a GR8 feeling that Uve never felt before! Let's just say, she's one of the most AMAZING girls u will ever meet... She's the kind of girl you Will never wanna say goodbye to...
Jylian is sooooo amazing!!!!
by Mensnejwjajsjdsnajs August 08, 2016
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