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A sweet, kind, and caring person who you should look after and never let go. They are normally shy with the opposite sex but want's to fall in love. Justise means "revenge; retribution" so don't get on their bad side. They are really weird and almost cat like. Semi-often gets depressed and lonely. So far there is no real cure for this but If you talk about the right things (Inuyasha) then they will normally cheer up.

If you ever find yourself lucky enough to have a Justise, never take them for granted.
by manda (scarfy) October 23, 2011
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Justise is a thick bitch with a big ass who gets all the niggas, she is hella fine, but she's also a very mean person so don't get on her bad side because she will beat a nigga or bitches ass, she also has hella style and a lot of money!! She is very spoiled , she is also a foreign bitch, who will succeed in life and make something big out of herself with her "best friend" also go fucks with her instagram
Justise is fine asf
by Jaun_ March 13, 2017
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