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World renowned streamer currently in sick kids battling pneumonia and obesity. He is the next successor to the dictator of DPRK Kim Jong Un.

Other alias: LTK Cxrnage, Chemical Games, Ttv.JustCarnage_, Chinkfred and Monfre.
His current fans are know as the carnagers. He is married to his partner for life Jerry.
He enjoys Johnny Test porn and teen titans porn, specifically with his younger brother Steven.
He holds the record for largest KFC order, tylenol consumption with side of cheetos.
He is battling many metal abilities including Autism, ADD, Down syndrome. He is also a devout Christian and is currently one of the richest men in the world and resorts to only using PayPal.
Largest cumload belongs to CxRaNgE twice the size of s blue wale (about 7 ml).
He also holds the current record for the largest breasts know to mankind;102ZZZ.
Omg ur such a Just Carnage
by Nuterd wale January 14, 2019
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