Barely Legal. Taken from two definitions of the word Just.

Definition 1: Barely; by a narrow margin; within a brief period of time; only; merely

Definition 2: Legal; legitimate; guided by justice; in accordance with standards; right; lawful; proper
Man 1: “You’d better stay away from her, or you’ll end up in jail!”
Man 2: “No worries, I checked her out. She’s Just Just!”
by Politic Ric June 02, 2010
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if they use jk twice. there not jking. they are telling the truth. if they use it only once, they are jk.
Person 1: Your so gay... Just Kidding, Just Kidding.
by FAT KlD March 15, 2009
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Similar to the "Just keep swimming" mantra from Finding Nemo, except this applies to.. you guessed it, the caressing of the male organ.
"Just keep stroking, just keep stroking..." is nice to remember when you're in a rut and can't get any.
by Submitters of Words June 26, 2011
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