Often seen used in tweets made by kpoppies after BTS have once again achieved something no other Korean group has or when BTS rapline destroys their faves with just a few words without mentioning any names.
"Just because your group..."
"Just because your faves..."
"Just because that group has xyz awards doesn't mean that no one paved the way for them..."

"I'm not talking about a specific group but just because someone charted no.1 on bb200..."
by Your'e annoying June 11, 2018
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A friend who will come to you and mention the plans of an activity they are putting together with other friends, with no intention of actually including you just so they can say they included you in some form and feel like a better friend than they actually are.
Jason: Hey Matt, do you want to come to this party that Jess and some other people are putting together?

Matt: Oh really? Sure! I'd love to go!

Jason: Oh, well wait a minute. I don't think we're gonna have room in the van for you. Maybe next time.

Matt: You're such a Just Because Friend...
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1.the excuse for anything that was either stupid random or both.
2.why I'm writing this definition
Why'd did you smoke that weed right in front of a cop
Just because I can
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An overused term you can use to justify being overbearing, bossy, controlling or rude.
Random person: Look shut up. Why dont you stop harassing everyone?
Street Preacher: Its just Because we care
RP: That again?

Evan: Why do you keep meddling in my life? I can take care of myself. I dont need you telling me which way to pee.
Nick: Its just because I care

Selena: Man this teacher gives me so much homework, that I am spending all evening and weekend doing homework. I have a life.
Irene: Its just because she cares.
by Auntieroger121 May 14, 2011
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