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Jussuph: Verb/Noun/Adjective.
Defined within the modern day language of 'shifrenology' or 'shifrenguistics'.
Pronounced (Ju-Suf).
Refers to the ass/buttocks/anal of a desired female, primarily for the purposes of anal sex.

other definitions may included but are not limited to:

*Jussuphing - defined as taking a shit. or any form of excretion from the anal cavity.
*Acting like a Jussuph- Refers to an individual who is uptight/ anal retentive.
1. wow did you see the jussuph on that chick, Id F@#$/shoost the hell out of that.
2. Mmmmmm how hot is that chick, you dont even know what I would eat out of her jussuph.
3.Dude you so uptight and stressed out think you need to have your jussuph pounded to mellow you the F@#$ out.
4.Did u jussuph It smells like something crawlled into your bathroom and died while having there jussuph pounded.
by Slave to the Jussuph July 30, 2012
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