A fart of dinosauric size (and/or length).
Gross! Jurassic Fart Alert! Cover your noses and seek the nearest fall-out shelter!
by RedBlade7 March 26, 2008
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The sexual act in which a chubby chaser lays face up on the bedroom floor then his/her morbidly obese partner over 300 lbs in weight squatts on the chubby chaser's face and farts. This act got its name from when the first hunter-gatherers all the way up until early AMH (anatomically modern homo sapeins) would make the mistake of getting in too close to kill their megafauna menu items that would sqaut on the faces of their attackers and fart, shart or shit as they died from the wounds.
According to the WHO, the leading cause of death in chubby casers is the jurassic fart.
by pornstache March 6, 2016
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