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Pussy pirate... this guy is a straight up G, doesnt take shit from anybody, lives by one rule n that rule is, "keep it thug".. if you r ever as lucky enough to encounter a juoan or "fuckin Yu-een" consider urself a lucky son of a gun, u will fall in love at first sight, the very sight of him will blind you n empregnate u all at oncen when he sings its like a combination of Fergie n Jesus, guys want to b him n girls want to have his babies. Juoan is such a badass that chuck norris will roundhouse himself if he would ever cross Fuckin Yu-een! plain in simple Juoan is a Badass!
Virgin Woman: Wow that juoan is such a badass.
Boyfriend: Wat about me im ur boyfriend?
Virgen Woman: OMG he just looked at me!
(1 month later)
Virgin Woman: Baby im pregnant.
Boyfriend: But how we havent slept together n ur a virgin.
Virgin Woman: Juoan looked at me!!! The doctor said im having a lil juoan!
by Jack Sperrow April 10, 2009
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