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An "awksome" person. Lazy except when motivated. Likes to contradict themselves. Junwoos are quite hard-working, although they can get very distracted when they want to be. Junwoo's also curse. A lot. But that's okay because they always brush it off with a joke..sometimes.
Junwoos can have serious expressions at times, but quirkiness lies beneath it all.

Above all, Junwoos are insanely smart. They would rather do trig problems than think about logical questions like what animal they'd want to be in their next life. For future references, read their biographies. Being so smart, they'll have at least 5 different versions.
"Hey what'd you get on that Science Research paper?"
"Oh, I pulled off a Junwoo and got a 99!"
"Yea, but i really wanted to do"
by bzhanggg April 12, 2013
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