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Noun. From 'jungle' and 'globalization.' The practice of globalization characterized by the law of the jungle and natural selection of survival of the fittest. In the junglobalization, rich and powerful nations of the Global North control the international order. They benefit from the global trade more than the poor or Global South nations. With the junglobalization, trade is free but not necessarily fair. I coined the term after listening to a warning by the former French President Jacques Chirac saying that "Globalization must not be a jungle, but an opportunity for everybody."
In a post-colonial era, globalization is likely to be another form of colonialism, unless international laws, justice, and solidarity are there to protect everybody, especially the poorest and the weakest members of the international community. Globalization looks like a jungle – I sometimes refer to it as junglobalization – in which the global competition favors the strongest. I am afraid the so-called global democracy is not the government of, by, and for all people, but rather, a dictatorship perpetuated by big corporations and the digital intelligentsia. This is the case due to the nation-states’ growing powerlessness during globalization.
By Zekeh S. Gbotokuma, Ph.D. June 14, 2018
by Cosmocitizen June 16, 2018
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