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A guy who likes to paint his bottom red and does naked yoga in public saunas.
A: I totally love container.
B: I know, me too. Jukka totally knocks my socks off.
A: *flashes random people*
by Banana njam May 29, 2007
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An fat eskimo whose bitch tits are so humongous that they actually lactate and can therefore be used to nurture most mammal offspring.
They say the fur from slaughtered baby seals raised on Jukka milk is the most delicate substance known to man.
- Did you drink your protein shake after the gym?
- Naw, I got my Jukka with me, that milk makes my pubes so silky smooth my girlfriend don't even complain if I let 'em grow.
by SweetDickNelson March 25, 2009
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