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1. A combination of the Juggernaut perk, and Grenade Launcher weapon attatchment found in the game 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare'. This combination is used only by true fr00bixcubes, and should never have been put together. People who use this combination ruin the game for other players who dont rely on increased health or short range ballistic rounds to get kills.

The origin of this name stems from the infamous term 'Juggernoob' referring to players who used the Juggernaut perk, which was unspokenly judged as a perk that should never be used in public matches.


2. Juggertuber - a player who uses the Juggertube
3. Juggertubed - being victimised by the Juggertube
1. "Hey, have you ever used the Juggertube?"
2. "That Juggertuber is really annoying."
3. "Ffs, i just got Juggertubed again."
by I Cheetz I June 12, 2009
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