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An unfair judge in a tournament or competition that flashes you a low score because they favor someone else. They KNOW you really did better and should have given you a higher score but you graciously move on. Either way you have been judgejacked!!
What! 7.0! I just got judgejacked!! Get the hell outa here! I put on a nearly perfect OR perfect performance! You are just favoring the other competitor because you either know their family, you are friends, or affiliated with them in one way or another!

Come on judges! I know and you know that you ripped me and my teammates off with bogus points! I/We got JudgeJacked again! You teach morals? There is no way! You should be ashamed. Unfortunately this just goes with the territory of competing in certain sports. It is not fair even if you are a good sport about it.
by ninjcat April 23, 2012
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