A Young Man With A Tiny Penis Who Jumps Around With A FootBall In His Hand Asking Under 18- People To Play With His Bean
The Young Man Next Store Is A JuJuBeaN Don’t Go Near Him
by Dwaynes July 23, 2022
A superhero taking over the world some day. He is an reincarnated god, which is why he is so intelligent and wise.

He is perfect - except being the younger twin, who is for that being inferior to him and constantly teasing him about it - which is the only time he is unable to control his emotions.
"Ju, you'll be always be the small Jujubeans"
"It's only one day"
by Quexen January 2, 2017
A conceited individual with a tiny penis that dances and plays frisbee to compensate for his tiny manhood. He preys on unsuspecting, young, V-club members and tries to take their innocence away, until he drops his pants and reveals his tiny package.
That guy I thought was so cool turned out to be a huge jujubean
by cricket1986 July 19, 2010
Me not a Puerto Rican girl or a dumb assclown with a frisbee, it’s my name, it’s got nothing to do with bright feathered and pinned up dope head trapwhores or frisbee tossing Ronald McDonald dumpster diving for a recycled burger (but on a date) ass clowns !!!
Hey look Jujubean just got here.
by October 1, 2021