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Small sub-community on a widely popular and free chess server called -- FICS (Free Internet Chess Server). The followers of this sub-community openly chat in channel 24 (The Bughouse Channel). The fundamentals of this school of thought are not clearly defined, but what is clear is that the belief is named after a deceased, homosexual chess player from the server named Jstriker. Now, the belief developed after this thought to be dead person's account would mysteriously sign on. Playing much like a zombie, and speaking openly in channel 24 using what is commonly referred to as "in tongue", the entity quickly inspiried many, and a following occured. Thus, the name Jstrikerism was formed and it's followers are Jstrikerian's. Finally, it is not required to be a homosexual to join this school of thought, but many of it's followers have adopted it as a way of life. -- Jstrikerian's even have a hierarchical system, similiarly structured to that of the Catholic Church, and a modern day prophet within their congregation. --
Some members devout note's:

BlitzBullet Note 10 --
10: click this "set 10 I am a Jstrikerism"
by Jstriker August 30, 2011
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