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A professional rad dude who's first name begins with the letter J.
Known for their sublime facebook statuses, creative flair in FIFA, quirky outlook, generous wang and interests in all things rad.

Often confuses the opposite sex of their intentions with their amazing dress sense and lack of desperation. This in turn leads to many thinking that a 'jrad' may possibly be a homosexual. Not that there is anything wrong with that, because all Jrads dont discriminate.. except if your an elderly man who enjoys eating grape fruits across from the kids playground without any cutlery.
"OMG look at that dudes glasses! He looks like Harry potter but theres something rad about him!", exclaimed Troy. "Hes definately a Jrad", mumbled Brendan.
by humphreyBbear October 09, 2011
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A Jrad is someone with more than just a basic skill set in the aestetic arts. A jrad knows what it takes to get the best out of a visual concept. The Droppy and Slammy are the Jrad's primary weapons, and will use them at will to destroy a lame layout.
That Jrad dropped a wicked droppy on that devilish slammy!
by big donny April 12, 2007
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