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An type of tree of the Benagli species. The Angleom-rumde Benagli, also known as JoyOnTree, are trees that have been nurtured with Ancient Magicks. The Joyontree first originated from India. They have branches which spread out into a display of bright colours and

There are currently only two Joyontrees left, and these are situated in India and Australia. Little is known about Joyontrees apart from the leaves of the Joyontree, which have been confirmed to release a type of poison which seeps to the bones so that the person(s) that make contact with the leaf will be 'midget' until a cure has been found.
A: Hey, what did you choose to do your project on? ;D
B: Oh, I chose the Joyontree! It's a fascinating little thing! (:
by SPAZK!Nz February 03, 2013
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A gorgeous species of tree that is found in warm locations like Sydney, Australia. Originally, Joyontrees were the most common tree found in New Zealand, however they all were shipped to Australia with the First Fleet. Joyontrees are extremly rare now and threatened by deforestation. One Joyontree is in captivity in the suburb of Hornsby, Sydney. Tourists from all over the world to come and capture a rare snaphshot of the Joyontree growing in the lush grass that Australia is so proud of. Captain Cook in his journal, 1770 when he arrived on the coast of Australia, that the Benaglius Fernicius Tractii, which is the scientific name of the Joyontree, was one of the most beautiful trees he had ever seen. The beautiful dark brown leaves of the Benaglius Fernicus Tractii are simply a work of art. The sloping skinny short trunk is very elegant in structure, and hence admired by all people alike. Joyontree have evolved to have very short heights in order to quickly camoflague from tree bulldozers and savage animals. The are very flexible when under danger and stress. The most distinct feature of the Benaglius Fernicus Tactii is that the tree is always visible with a wide gaping hole that directs in the beautiful azure sky.
Teacher: Girls, what type of tree is this?
Students: Its the Joyontree, scientifically referred to as Benaglius Fernicus Tactii. It looks so pretty :)
Teacher: The leaves are a work of art
by jackson312 February 05, 2013
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