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Jowitt is a slang term for an extremely wealthy young male.

A Jowitt will usually live in gated premises and have butlers/servants with cliche names normalled named after foodstuffs or herbs.

It is rumoured that many Jowitts have their own vault of gold normally located underneath the west wing of one of their mansion towers. They are likely to remark that they swim in said gold vault for fun whilst clad in speedo swimming shorts.

A Jowitt will flout his wealth whenever possible. A common trait well known amongst Jowitts demonstrating this is when a Jowitt has purchased a new car. The Jowitt will casually mention their purchase and then follow up the conversation with several photographs of the car included it's dustcaps and diamond gearstick. A Jowitt will normally want to bling their car up and have a spare sheet for seedy activity they are likely to undertake in the vehicle. Despite showing the car off, they will never offer you a lift in the car.

If you make fun of a Jowitt even once, they will claim that they are always the 'butt of the joke' (abbrieviated to BOTJ) despite the fact they had just set you on fire and covered your gran is peanut butter for "jokes". If you gain revenge by playing the same prank on a Jowitt, they will claim that you are leeching off of their success even if you drew out the blueprints first.

The term Jowitt can be shortened to Jow but on occasion they have be known to be be referred to as as Jow-Jows or even Jow Jow Binks (leading to the abbreviation JJB)
"I'm not hanging around with that Jowitt, he tried recruiting me for his diamond mine"

"That chap is such a Jowitt. Firstly he sent his butler to in his Roller to spit on me and then he got upset when I called him a Commander. He gave me the BOTJ speech again! What a... McNugget"
by takerdemon July 17, 2009
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