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Jovony's are usually fun, outgoing types. While the name Jovony really means nothing at all, if you go further into the name, like the names Jovony was derived from, it will eventually lead you to the meaning gracious. Jovony's are easily distractable,and constantly lose interest in things that aren't fun. It is very easy to hurt a Jovony's feelings, even though some may not know that they did due to the fact that a Jovony always has a smile on. It's very hard to make a Jovony mad, and Jovony's aren't really that mean, so a Jovony could be the most friendliest person around. Sometimes Jovony's tend to be pushovers also. Jovony's could be the most loyal, nicest, fun people you can ever meet... or they could be the most two-faced, secretly trying to destroy you behind your back, fakest people you'll know. Jovony's can also fall in love pretty easily, but won't be taken a fool when it comes to matters of the heart.
let's have a party!!

it's already started!!! yeah!!!
by Jovony June 17, 2008
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Jovony: All girls have a dick, all boys have a vagina
by AckBoiz May 21, 2019
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