A girl who is amazing and beautiful and loves her family she loves her siblings and parents she is not a hater but a creator is truly unique by the way her name is spelled and is a high and is a high achiever
People:Josha is so pretty and amazing I wish MY name was Josha
by Amazing and amazing July 17, 2017
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walking perfection. josha is so hot he was sent down from the heavens for all women to enjoy. he has amazing hair, beautiful smile, great body and just so handsome. if you know a josha u are the luckiest person alive. josha is never single so when he is take the opportunity and jump right in. we love u josha u fucking sexy legend.
lily: got ur eye on anyone

Chiara: yeah, josha, he’s a sexy beast

Lily: damn affirmative good luck
by urmumumum January 10, 2022
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a skinny concieted girl who loves to flirt but has problems getting PAST that
damn josha was flirting with kevin all week but hasn't done anything yet
by robbie m. July 10, 2008
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