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A girl that love her friends and family but she hurts people and all of those thoughts make her cut herself bc that's the only way she can solve that problem she doesn't like talking shit about people bc she knows it's rude she loves her boyfriend she even hurt him before and she feels like the worst person ever she knows she didn't deserve him but she would do anything as long as he is happy he means the world to him and if anything ever happened to him she would never forget her self she thinks she messed up his life and the reason he crys every night is bc of how much she hurt him this girl is Latina and American
Josari love her friends
by Lovergirl24830 May 03, 2018
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A beautiful girl that is always there for you, she is funny, she loves music and she has beautiful hair. she is fine and knows how to dance.
Yo look at that girl josari she is cute af
by jossyc April 11, 2019
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