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N. A bad ass. Future billionaire rapper, and religous figure. He is skilled at anything that interests him.

V. To do something amazing or impossible. Requires skill and patience, and if not jorge himself, a lot of luck.

ADJ. To be amazing or extremely skilled.
Example 1
Person 1: wow its Jorge Nunez.
Person 2: U wonder if he can sign my face!

Example 2
Tom Brady Jorge Nunezed against the jets.

Example 3
Wow, lebron is so Jorge Nunez
by Tupacolypse December 30, 2012
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A hot, sexy, smart, bad ass, person. He can do anything. If you are a girl, ask him out. He likes all kinds of girls, dont be shy. Do it. Ask him out already. He will by you flowers and shit. His name is the definition of amazing. This is not written by him, if it was it would be sacred, and be studied for generations. Slogan: you aint never got to much jorge in your life. Goes to hhs.
Oh mer ghad its Jorge Nunez! (Girl collapses)
by Tupacolyose December 30, 2012
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