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A gorgeous girl that is always willing to listen to you and help you get through those tough times. Jordenne is loved by everyone and even though she might not always know it, people would die for her. The names Fiona and Jordenne mix very well and they usually become best friends. If your name is Jordenne you tend to be sensitive, but you don't always like to show it, because you're also very strong. Jordenne's are always fun to be around and they never let you down! Males with the name Synyster are a perfect match for Jordenne's and they usually get married and have millions of children.
Synyster: "Who's the new girl? Shes beautiful! I would love to get to know her"

Fiona: "That's my best friend! Shes amazing, Her name is Jordenne!"

Synyster: "Oh, That makes sense"
by Waldo(: October 19, 2011
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A gorgeous and kickass bestfriend <3 she is loved by everyone.
Hey look at the gorgeous kick ass chick. her name must be Jordenne and she must be loved!
by Fiona(: May 21, 2011
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