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This girl is so amazing. she always makes cake and yeah. She is very pretty and sarcastic, and has a good sense of humor and style. She is a future filmmaker or fashion designer, and loves roasts. you will find Jorah at a library or at her house, for she despises traveling. yo love this Kidd
Jorah Rox she so Kool and hot and sassy
by very berry butts May 04, 2018
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super nice; amazingly pretty; a person unnaturaly good at trumpet; a phenomonal friend; trustowrthy; uncommon but beautiful name; Uber- duber cool;
First Example:

A-"See that girl over there? Yeah, her. I'm thinking about going up and talking to her..."
X-"She's a Jorah, go ahead, you'll like her."

2nd Exapmle.

You can always tell a secret to a Jorah; your secret is safe with them.
by Jew=] January 14, 2009
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