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Jooyeon is the mandu princess. She is the greatest woman ever: hot af, caring, selfless, funny, loveable. Everyone likes her, and she makes everyone around her the best they can be. She is the kind of girl to give you a doa boner, but also who you want to make your wife.
Do you know jooyeons boyfriend? He is the luckiest guy in history.
by 68kg December 03, 2016
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Jooyeon is one of the members of the Korean girl band 'After School'. She was a very popular actress before joining 'After School' with a very impressive number of fans signed up in her fans cafe. She is a member of the program 'Invincible Youth' which the seven girls hosted in the program are called G7. She is also the leading actress in the TV drama 'Smile Donghae' with the male singer Alex Chu.
A: Hey, who is this girl who is pregnant in the drama 'Smile Donghae'?
B: She ia After School's member Lee Jooyeon.
by Minnie20101010 November 06, 2010
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