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Jontez is a person who pretty,smart,funny,sweet,careful. He will give you all of him. And this person is very special in many ways. He's a beast in Football he will smack any one who touches the ball. He is a muscular, fast and athletic person. He is super smart,quiet, and very strong. But yall niggas don't wanna try him he probably quite sometimes, but he will kick ass, his hands and arms are like bullets coming out a machine gun.... "Girls" This guy is sooo romantic when you get to really know him. He's likes flirting, and being erkin to girls. He will be soo SWEET to a girl, You will be so happy if you got you a Jontez he's soo incredible. He sometimes mean and a bad person but that just don't happens people make him like that. He gets jealous mad easily. He will keep his mind on one girl that is special to him. Most girls think he's like all boys but he's not... But "girls" You will be surprised if you see whats in his pants " Its Very Long "...... A Jontez is Freaky something but he will not wanna have Sex. He loves spending time kissing and Cuddling with his girlfriend. He really don't trust many people, out of all his homies he will only trust one.. And lady's yall have to earn his Trust, Love, Careness... So u have to be Loyal... Cause a Jontez is super Loyal... He is a designer, neat, and clean person.. He can be one thing than the next minute he will change. But you will be lucky to have you a Jontez, So take care of him.
*Wow!! I heard that Jontez is soo funny and super sweet!!*

"Did you guys see Jontez playing football last night Nd he ran over everybody"

*Jontez is soo erkin but its funny and fun and plus he's soo handsome and romantic!!
by Holy_Ghost_ March 31, 2016
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