A sexual act involving highly dextrous activity.
A woman who always talked openly about her promiscuity was approached by an old friend one day. The friend inquired as to what her ideal sexual encounter is. Upon answering with simply "A Jonathan-David," the friend asked her to elaborate. So she says in response, "If I'm not tied down, being choked, having my hair pulled, bent over, leg over one shoulder, with a little toe in my asshole, it's not a Jonathan-David night!"
by TheOriginalJ-D January 22, 2013
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A boy who's hopelessly in love with a girl who's in love with someone else. Firs appeared in the eponymous Belle & Sebastian song. Along the same lines as calling someone a "Lord Anthony."
Look at that poor Jonathan David. He has no idea she's not into him.
by Jorlamer655 October 07, 2010
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