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a mega party. only the awesome of the awesome may attend these godlike events. no one knows how these sacred things were made but it is thought that the jomgods had created this for people to enjoy. men have been driven insane trying to grasp the awesomeness of a jomtingz. it has been said that chuck norris was conceived at a jomtingz.
" yooo broo are you going to the jomtingz tonight?"
" yeah bro but it will take me like an hour to spike my hair up and pick out the shirt that shows of my rippiling biceps well enough"
" true bro i have to get my brooklyn tough guy accent just perfect"

^ neither of these guys would attend a jomtingz because they sound like complete guidos. i should kill whoever even mentioned the phrase around them.
by boddymon24 June 04, 2010
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