1.A common South African slang term for a party, event or good time.
John launched Charlie by suggesting attend the joll on Saturday night when he himself was not going.
by Taste Champagne May 14, 2017
I’m about to joll on him
by verley September 25, 2021
Short for "jolly," meaning "full of or showing high-spirited merriment."
Haha, wow, you are SO JOLLS!

Hey hey Jolls, what's up?!

Today has been straight jolls!
by Will Seagrove September 24, 2008
"Im gonna joll that beemer".....or re:sex,
"I'd pay that slit to joll my corey"
by da Wordman October 30, 2003
Either really high from drugs or left somewhere
‘I jollled on him’ or ‘I’m jolled off that weed’
by verley September 25, 2021
Jolle is fat ugly monkey that cant speak right, playing fortnite every single day not seeing sunlight, he also has a 1 cm beinis. He also bends in and spits in peoples ears when speaking to daddy alex.
He has also spent $20000 on vbucks, he also has committed double crimes in playstation party saying ni**er and other things, he is also gay

mvh tsm jelluggla

ps adda mig på fortnite och roblox
Jolle the ugly fat fuck is speaking to daddy alex
by feta jolle December 8, 2021
Extremely hard bone whose vision is out of this world, ranging from the nearest puck to the farthest thot in existence.

Being one of the greatest flyers ever, he distributes practically illegal assistance for people around him both in air and on the ground.

Usually you can find him embracing the wettest areas nearby and nosing around for some extra lift to reach the furthest distances.
Ööga: Oh there’s Jolle!

Person 1: OMG! He must have seen us already!

Person 2; Yeeeeah, and he’s flying towards the organ!

Person 3: Holy Sh*t! The cucumbers are coming too”
by Luukurkkuun January 16, 2019