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When one of your friends keeps cracking a new beer when he still has some left in the last can. This is usually noticed the day after a party when someone is cleaning up and most of his cans are nearly half full.
"I drank like 40 fuckin' beers last night." "Fuck man, c'mon, you were Johnny-ing all god damn night."

"Last week at the G-10 i picked up so many half full cans. Someone around here was Johnny-ing those beers like a mother fucker."
by Big KSB April 20, 2013
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When you are late showing up somewhere because you were talking too long elsewhere.
"Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I was Johnny-ing for like...20 min with my mom before I could get out the door."
by Johnny Blaze -v- May 23, 2017
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Bugging someone constantly to finish a project or game they are working on and trolling them non-stop if they don't finish what they started
"Please just close this; OI is a joke, he creates fake games and has never released a beta or demo...Really?

@all the people being childish, learn to use the computer like neo dragon said and act your age. And i am emailing the leader of PC because i think its pretty ridiculous how people can spam my profile page calling me a Jacka** and stuff and how just in general you can swear on PC, i think it is sick..
I would advise you neodragon to just close this thread because it is getting no where, and is a waste of time, just like infinite rainbow was...he gets peoples hopes up and then creates a excuse on why he cannot further his game or release a demo.

All of you sticking up for OI will soon see why i am "being a troll". I too was a fan of OI when he was working on Infinite rainbow, but then he crushed that game, so i became mad at him for just throwing a perfectly good game away. O yea i forgot they are fake games, all he has is picturess of themm :)"
That would be Johnnying
by Pseudo-Legend August 29, 2010
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