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One of the greatest DJ's that will ever exist ever. Pioneer of many forms of music that exist in the mainstream today and was behind bands such as The Smiths before they became extremely successful. He had his own show on Radio 1 and also presented Radio 4's Home Truths.

He had an extremely open minded view to music and this left a huge mark on the music industry. No one can possibly replace a man as great as this.

Rest In Peace John Peel (1939 - 2004)
by freakeh October 29, 2004
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God: a likeness. A higher being.
What does God look like? John Peel comes darn close
by Chris Trew February 26, 2005
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DJ/spaffmonkey extroadinaire. Appears on radio 1 and radio 4 on the BBC in the UK.
John Peel just played the new mclusky song! He's so with it.
by takeshi February 01, 2004
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