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A man who is really loaded, aka Johnny Cash, Eddie Money, Dough Boy, Pillsbury. Opposite of Owen Cash.
THUGLY: Why are we following this guy?

MUGLY: We're gonna rob him.

THUGLY: What, is he Johnny Paycheck?

MUGLY: No, he aint some guy who just got paid, in fact, he doesn't even have a job.

THUGLY: So, why would we try to rob some Owen Cash guy?

MUGLY: Because he aint no "Owen Cash", he's "John Dough" -- he's filthy rich. We're gonna jump him, take him to the ATM, and rob him.

John Dough walks to his car. Thugly & Mugly jump out to attack. Floodlights turn on, BullMastiffs come running, and John Dough WresponKiBo's the two idiots. Soon the BullMastiffs have their mouths over the assailants faces, and two armed bodyguards show up.

BG #1: Should I call the police, sir?

John Dough: (holds up cell phone) I already did William.
by Mugly Majors November 22, 2006
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