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The act of dramatically quitting your worthless job and telling your boss how you really feel about things.

Immortalized in the 1981 song “Take this Job and Shove It” Written and by redneck artist David Allen Coe and performed by country western idol Johnny Paycheck.

In the construction industry a full Johnny Paycheck is punctuated by forcefully throwing your hardhat or a half full beer bottle at the boss.

Variation: "You can't fire me - I quit!!!

See dragging up
Ironworker #1: "Did you see Jim Earl this afternoon?"
Ironworker #2: "Yeah man he had a liquid lunch and did a Johnny Paycheck down at the main office"
Welder #1 "He threw a beer at that cocksucker from quality assurance and sent him to the hospital"
Ironworker #1"I'll have to buy the man beer!"
by Major Kong February 25, 2007
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The last paycheck you get after you tell your boss to " Take this job and shove it "
I told my jerk of a boss to "take this job and shove it" and that he could mail me my Johnny paycheck.
by ttjasi November 09, 2013
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An Individual who works and gets paid on Thursday but decides to take off either Friday or Monday for a longer weekend and Jew Jack's those stuck at work.
Paul is such a johnny paycheck
by Mac and Bernie April 12, 2005
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