The Cutest and Skinniest Boy at Rising Starr Middle School
“Did you hear about John Clark’s 12-Pack?? He’s so cute 🥰 .”
by John CIark July 10, 2021
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John Clark is a kind and hot guy. He is caring and a bit shy. He has blonde hair and green-blue eyes. He has all A’s and is on the football team. He loves Disney world and country music. His hobby is fishing, Everybody could use a John Clark in their life.
Wow, John Clark is so good at football!
by Amroniecal234 October 27, 2018
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John Clarke is a grey-haired boy that is NOT a source to be reckoned with. He is the last air bender; also known as an Avatar. His bedtime is 8:00 P.m. Has a scar in the back of his sexy hair.
Did you see John Clarke air bend over the weekend?
by atahl14 February 25, 2019
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