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Though John Laurens may have been gay, he had many other great personality traits. John Laurens was an anti-slave abolitionist alive during the late 1700's. He was interested in nature (mostly plants, birds, and other creatures he often drew) (not just turtles.), medical studies (though he did not study it), and was an aide-de-camp alongside a more popular figure, Alexander Hamilton; the two are speculated to have been in an amorous relationship. John Laurens married Martha Manning out of pity after impregnating her after he broke up with a man named Francis Kinloch, who has was also speculated to have had an amorous relationship with.
John Laurens was a strong man who was not a cinnamon roll.

John Laurens was reckless and got shot multiple times, which eventually led to his death.

John Laurens did not like turtles all that much and ate turtle soup once.

John Laurens was actually really tall and independent and also pretty suicidal. Poor guy.
by AKfreakin47 December 24, 2018
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His gayness is the very culmination of his being
John laurens is gay and lams is canon
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by Buds titson November 03, 2016
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I once asked my history teacher if he knew who John Laurens was. He said no. Here's what I said:

"You don't know who John Laurens is?? (erm, I guess WAS but anyway) And you're a HISTORY TEACHER?!"

"Well, what made him memorable?"

"Ya know, he the revolutionary war, he fought against slavery, ... his dream was to create the first black battalion, but, he died before that could happen, and...he was in a bisexual relationship with Alexander Hamilton."

"Ah, Hamilton history!" And he got up and left. And then we had a long discussion about Alexander Hamilton and this is where e learned about my obsession.

Anyway, below you'll find some information about John Laurens.
John Laurens lived in the late 1700's. He was really against slavery and junk. He didn't have a legacy until 2015. He and Alexander Hamilton sent love letters back and forth. He married out of pity; for he never really took an interest in women. John Laurens was an artist and he drew a picture and took care of a turtle when he was younger. He loved nature and turtles. John Laurens was originally played by Anthony Ramos but is now played by Anthony Lee Medina in the Broadway musical entitled "Hamilton." Hamilton is the best musical ever.
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by i love hamilton :) May 27, 2018
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1. In the place to be.
2. He has 2 pints of Sam Adams, but he's working on 3.
3. Those Redcoats don't want it with him.
4. He leads a soldiers' chorus on the other side.
"I'm John Laurens in the place to be!"

Cousin: "Dude, why u crying?"
Me: "laURENS DIEd."
Cousin: "Hand me your phone."
Me: "Why?"
Cousin: I'm gonna delete your Spotify Premium account."
Me: "no. No-one takes away my gay cinnabun called John Laurens"
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by x_Your_Obedient_Servant_x August 30, 2018
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