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Johannelund, in West Stockholm, Sweden is a station on the Green Rail municipal commuter system.

This municipal railway system was, interestingly, started in 1941, the very same year that some other European railway systems were being bombed out of existence. Doubtless, the tax base that financed this particular railway was likely derived from funds obtained from trading with various warring powers (no need to mention specific countries, is there?).
In the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, a sometimes heated dialogue has emerged in Sweden about the country's former blindness to the midcentury crimes of the Nazis; members of both sides of this dialogue have ridden the Green Rail system, stopping, perhaps, at the Johannelund station, quite possibly unaware of how the funds for the railway system had been originally generated.
In all fairness to the Swedes, nonetheless, it should be pointed out that their country's attitude towards the Nazis was often influenced by the vulnerability of their geographical location. At times in the 1940s, Sweden was completely surrounded by German-controlled countries and, as such, could have been invaded at the drop of ein Stahlhelm (Ger: steel helmut).
by Dr Whosis December 12, 2009
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