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Johan K Jensen is a descriptive word meaning that something or someone are cool/hot.
The word originates in Sweden, where Johan K Jensen is a famous singer/movie-star, (his most successful films is "Johan, Falken" and "Bigfoot"((he also wrote the books with the same name)), his most famous songs are "Story of a Schnöphead" and when "I when get High, I like to eat Stuff".
Because of his great success his name has transformed into a compliment.
The word 'Johan K Jensen' is mostly used in the Northern-European countries, but is spreading.
In some cases Johan K Jensen can replace the word 'Love'.
Johan K Jensen can be shorten down to JKJ or Johan.
Man, you are really Johan K Jensen!

That movie was so Johan, best ever.

-I love you.
-You're so K Jensen, I love you to!

-I thought you Johan K Jensen that girl?
-Yeah, me too, but it turns out it wasn't love, and it was absolutely not JKJ.
by JKJ's biggest fan:D April 05, 2010
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