The god of reviewers. This highly, diabetic man eats fast food and does some ASMR videos containing food and munching on his favorite treats, reviewing them out of 10. This man is very hungry and will do anything to get his hands on some food
by Dr. Negative November 14, 2017
A thicc Youtuber who likes to eat food, mostly fast food. This man is a god in flesh and bone, roaming the lands of Earth, searching for the tastiest food. Everytime he inhales Nutella I get blinded by unspeakable beauty. He is so good at deepthroating chorizos that he must be a true legend. He wanders the mortal lands, eating and tasting everything he finds. If you can't feed The Joey, he'll devour you instead.
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by SmoothSpicySauce April 5, 2019