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Joelene is shy but once you get to know her she is very open and funny. Joelene is very stunning with her looks and is romantic. she is athletic and could beat up most people who threaten her so don't mess with her. If you are in a relationship with her consider yourself lucky because she in caring, loyal, funny, trustworthy, and will spoil you rotten.
Ex #1
Him: wow joelene is beautiful

Friend: but she is shy maybe if you get to know her she will open up
Him: with a shot.
Ex #2
Girl#1: seriously you don't want to mess with her.
Girl#2:Why who is she.
Girl#1: that's joelene she is pretty shy but everyone knows not to mess with her she could beat up half the school
by Apple_piezs November 04, 2018
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A small boy, that usually lives in the remote wilderness, alone with his parent, has long hair, 'likes the dark' in a freakish way and usually plays an instrument amazingly well usually the guitar. Usually very lazy and can't be bother to do anything.
"Hey Jacko, heard Joelene's new riff lately?"

"About time you got your arse into gear Joelene, and brought a car, Your so god damn lazy!"
by Sam Wilkinson February 15, 2008
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