deffinition 1:
Someone who uses someone who uses others (even family) for their own personal gain

deffinition 2:
someone who uses a very harsh but effective way of raising his/her child(ren)
person 1: that michael jackson documentary was sad

person 2: why

person 1: because the accusers are doing a joe jackson on the original victim of joe jackson

person 1:how come Matt hasn't come to school recently

person 2: because he is probably still recovering from the beating his dad gave him

person 1: was it that bad?

person 2: yeah, his dad went full joe jackson on his ass
by jump the fence April 13, 2019
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Joe Jackson, most commonly known as Shoeless Joe Jackson, after a incident where he had so many blisters on his feet because of his cleats; he decided to play his next game without cleats, and a fan yelled "You shoeless son of a gun, you!", the name stuck.

He is also known for his contrversey in the 1919 World Series agains the Cincinnati Reds. At the time, he was playing for the Chicago White Sox (later became known as the Black Sox Scandal). But, a mafia, decided to ask a couple white sox players to throw the game. Shoeless Joe Jackson said he never accepted the money. He also hit the only home run of the series. The White Sox did eventually lose the series, but Joe had lost his chance in basbeall. Kenesaw Mountian Landis banned Joe from baseballl to clean up all the bad acts going on in baseball. To this day, Shoeless Joe Jackson, the second highest career beatting average ever alltime, is ineligible for the hall of fame.
"Shoeless" Joe Jackson deserves to be in the hll of fame.
by Baseball Phanatic June 14, 2009
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1. {adjective} - Reffering to being a bad ass mother fucker.
2. {proper noun} - Only the craziest UFC Fighter/savage monster on earth.
syn. savage, robot, crazy, beast
Yo dude, you went Mocha Joe Jackson on his ass.
by brown snoopy April 28, 2008
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