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When someone creates an awkward situation by adjusting or itching their member in view of others.
"Bro, it got jockward when Ben itched his dick in front of my mom."
by xGANGSTAx July 18, 2008
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When two jocks meet up with each other and start arguing about some sports, athletes, or the game they saw, or some other sport-type thing and every body else is like... wut
Jock 1: "Yo man did you see him dUNK oN HiM??!?!?
Jock 2: "BRO dat wuz a FOuL BrO"
Jock 1: "NUH-uHH!! Dat WUZ CLeAN AF!!!!"
Me: "Wow... Jock-ward..."
by arthurevans July 01, 2013
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How athletes act when they attend a college or university that isn't Division I, and realize that the student body has little to no interest in their games.
Those new guys down the hall acted like bigshots at the beginning of the year, but they just got all petty and jockward once they realized the bleachers are usually mostly empty at games.
by tarpaulin August 26, 2009
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